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The Numerous Benefits of Implants over Dentures

For many individuals, having teeth problems is simply a part of getting older. Over time, the years of wear and tear on the enamel, roots, and gumline frequently become too much for the typical tooth to handle. Unfortunately, many individuals suffer from missing several teeth in their mouth. This can cause severe self-esteem issues along with significant trouble eating. many people just assume that dentures are the way to go. They provide a quick way to correct a smile and can make it easier for people to eat. For many patients, they overlook a much more effective fix to the problem.

Implants are Permanent Fixes

Many patients are candidates for dental implants. These are permanent fixes for missing teeth that involve a porcelain cap on top of a titanium screw that is securely attached to the jaw bone. Implants offer several benefits over dentures. The first benefit is that implants are never removed. Once they are in the mouth, they are in the mouth permanently. Worrying about removing dentures and putting them back in constantly represents a major headache for many patients. These people might be able to get implants and make this worry a problem of the past.

Implants Do Not Require Additional Cleaning

Implants also do not require any additional cleaning over that of a regular tooth. People with dentures understand the headache of having to clean dentures every time they come out of the mouth to prevent the mouth from having an awful taste or from putting potentially harmful bacteria into their mouth along with the dentures. Implants are permanently in the mouth and do not require any additional cleaning above that of a regular tooth. Regular brushing and flossing are all that are required to keep an implant functional. Put the obstacle of having to regularly clean dentures in the past with an implant.

Eat Whatever Your Want

People with an implant can eat whatever foods they want. Do not worry about the implant coming out when chewing tough steak or biting into an apple. That titanium screw can handle the wear and tear of any foods. People with dentures know that there are certain foods that will give the dentures a hard time. This can severely impact people’s lifestyles if they cannot eat their favorite foods. For people struggling to enjoy their favorite foods with the temporary fix of dentures, consider investing in an implant that can handle the toughest of meals.

For individuals looking to obtain an implant to correct a smile or provide improved tooth function, look no further than Dr. Lilian Gonzalez with the Dental American Group in Hialeah, Fl. Dr. Gonzalez works hard to stay up to date on the latest treatments around correcting problems with eating and cosmetic issues related to smiles. Dr. Gonzalez understands the risks and benefits associated with a variety of dental treatments and has valuable experience providing the highest quality implants for every patient. For those looking for a Hialeah dentist, contact Dr. Lilian Gonzalez of the Dental American Group today to schedule an appointment.