Cosmetic dentistry can help your career

Your smile is one of the first things that people notice about you. Having a great smile is the key to getting noticed on the street or in the workplace. Furthermore, research has found that employers and hiring committees find people who smile naturally to be more likeable candidates. Cosmetic dentistry can correct imperfections in your smile, allowing you to rock your smile and your professional goals!

At the very least, cosmetic dentistry can help whiten and brighten your smile. Teeth whitening is one of the more popular cosmetic dentistry treatments because it is a easy, quick procedure that leaves you with whiter teeth. During the procedure, your dentist applies a whitening compound, allows it to soak into your teeth for about thirty minutes to an hour, and then rinses off the compound, leaving you with a brighter smile.

Whitening your teeth can make your face look younger, giving you an energetic look. In addition, research has found that individuals with whiter teeth generally appear more trustworthy. These are all subconscious cues that you are sending to future or current employers. Teeth whitening is especially helpful in careers that revolve around improving one’s personal image.

While teeth whitening can be a helpful method for those with minor stains, more major stains may require dental veneers. Dental veneers are porcelain covers that sit on the front of the teeth and correct color and contour issues. Veneers will give you a brighter, more even smile. Dental implants are also another option to damaged or missing teeth. Both veneers and dental implants help even out your smile, which improves its appearance. You can also straighten crooked smiles with Invisalign, which will give your smile a more even appearance as well.

The biggest benefit of improving your smile is that it will improve your confidence as well. After receiving cosmetic dental treatment, you will notice a huge difference in the way your smile lights up your face. Consequently, your confidence will be improved and employers will notice this boost of confidence. It also means you are more likely to smile at people, which creates a positive work environment. This will not only help you get hired if you are interviewing, but it will also help you to get noticed for a promotion if you are already working.

In addition, studies have shown that those with poor dental health can actually be negatively affected in the workplace.  Individuals with damaged, severely discolored, or missing teeth are actually less likely to be hired when compared to an individual with a full, bright smile. This is because many people unfortunately hold unfounded biases about individuals with damaged, discolored, or missing teeth.

Overall, cosmetic dentistry can help you to improve your smile and your career. By whitening your teeth, replacing damaged or missing teeth, and straightening crooked teeth, you can actually increase your chances of landing your dream job or earning that promotion. Why wait? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Gonzalez at Dental American Group today and find out what cosmetic dentistry procedures will work best for you!

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