Giving love with a smile!

A lot of things can be happening in our lives but when February comes all we can think about is Valentine’s Day. For some is an exciting day to celebrate with a loved one, but for others, all they see coming is a lonely day. 

Dental American Group wants to propose a change of perspective, let’s turn Valentine’s Day into a time to share the most beautiful smile with every person we meet on our path! You can improve someone’s day just by sharing an honest heartfelt smile, and you will enjoy the benefits too! When you smile your brain releases chemicals that improve your mood, reduce stress, blood pressure and pain, and act as antidepressants. So smiling is a win-win for everyone!

Now, it is important that you can fall in love with your own smile! If you look at your smile in the mirror and you don’t like what you see, you might not feel so confident to go around giving love with a smile. Dental American Group is here for you, and we will work on giving you the smile of your dreams. We count with a great team of professionals and the latest in dental treatments. 

In most cases minor, non invasive cosmetic dental treatments will leave you with a radiant smile. Simple procedures like Zoom Whitening will remove old food, drinks or smoking stains. Sometimes laminates and veneers are necessary to enhance the appearance of one or more teeth. These methods can be used when you have any broken or misshapen teeth, and even to correct some discoloration of the teeth that wouldn’t respond to whitening procedures.

When you are missing teeth, we can complete your smile with dental implants. Crowns and bridges look and feel like your natural teeth, and will make your smile even more beautiful. Dentures are also a great way to claim your smile back and regain confidence. Braces and Invisalign are fantastic treatments to align your teeth!

As you can see if there’s a will there’s a way!  If you want to fall in love with your smile, visit Dental American Group and we will find all the possible ways to help you with your dental concerns. You will walk out of our offices with the confidence to celebrate Valentine’s day giving love with the most beautiful smile!

Visit us today and take advantage of this offers:

      • $49 Initial Exam and X-Rays

New patients only 

(D0150, D0274)

      • Braces treatment or Invisalign as low as $99 per month* + free consultation 

*With credit approval

Braces only in Hialeah and Pembroke Pines.

(D8080, D8090)

      • Zoom Whitening $295


      • Implant & Crown

$2195 (Doesn’t include abutment, bone or membrane)

(D6010, D6059)

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