New Year’s Resolutions

It is not an understatement to say that 2020 was a rather challenging year for all of us.  A lot of things changed and our lives had to face a new reality. We had to become aware of what was really important and adjust our priorities accordingly.  

Our health became the most important item in our list of priorities, how to stay healthy and keep our loved ones in good health too.  We had to take action, good intentions weren’t enough!

Our proposal at Dental American Group is that for 2021, our list of resolutions becomes our list of actions.  We already have the awareness of taking care of our health and the health of our loved ones.  Let’s extend it to taking all the steps necessary to achieve the best possible care of our dental health!

The first step is preventive care:

      • Brush your teeth at least twice every day.
      • Floss once every day.
      • Use mouthwash once a day
      • Visit Dental American Group for routine check ups and professional dental cleaning at least twice a year.

Take advantage of this great offer as your first step towards caring for your dental health:

      • $49 Initial Exam and X-Rays

New patients only 

(D0150, D0274)

The next step is to improve or correct any dental issues you might have. At Dental American Group we offer the latest in dental treatments to give you the smile of your dreams. Cosmetic Dentistry, orthodontics, implants and any other procedures that will help you achieve the optimal dental health you are looking for. We also have these fantastic offers that will make it easier to take action:  

        • Braces treatment or Invisalign as low as $99 per month* + free consultation 

*With credit approval

Braces only in Hialeah and Pembroke Pines.

(D8080, D8090)

        • Zoom Whitening $295


        • Implant & Crown

$2195 (Doesn’t include abutment, bone or membrane)

(D6010, D6059)

So we invite you to act on your new year’s resolution to have great dental health and make an appointment today! 

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