Veneers and Laminates

What are veneers and laminates?

Dental veneers – also known as laminates – are used to cosmetically enhance the appearance of one or more teeth. Veneers are very thin, porcelain or resin shells that are customized for a desirable color and shape. They are bonded to the surface of the teeth to reshape broken, misshapen or irregular teeth, as well as provide a solution for discolored teeth that do not respond to traditional whitening treatments. Patients with veneers typically achieve a natural tooth appearance that is well-tolerated by the gums and also resistant to future stains. It’s worth noting that since veneers can be used to correct a wide range of dental issues, veneers costs in Miami can vary, so we always recommend consulting with a qualified dentist for personalized assessment and estimates

Veneers have many uses, including:

  • Making teeth appear whiter
  • Fixing crooked and misshapen teeth
  • Repairing teeth that are chipped or damaged
  • Adjusting the size of teeth

Since veneers are ultra-thin, they are completely comfortable and virtually undetectable to others. Veneers are built using advanced materials that make them resistant to staining from beverages such as coffee and wine, as well as smoke from tobacco products. A set of veneers should last a decade or longer with proper care. Dental American Group offers patients both porcelain and composite veneers.

Veneers have many uses, including:

Installing a set of custom-fit veneers requires two visits to one of our clinics. The process starts by shaving off some of the enamel of the designated tooth. This allows the new veneer to properly fit on the tooth. Next, the dental care expert will take impressions of the tooth so that a customized veneer can be built. The custom veneer will have to be developed in a special dental laboratory, so the patient will be fitted with a temporary restoration until their veneer is ready.

Once the custom veneer is finished, the patient will return for their second visit and have the veneer installed. The patient will have the tooth cleaned and treated with etching gel so that the veneer can bond properly. Using a dental bonding agent, the veneer will be attached to the tooth. Once the process is complete, the patient will be provided with instructions on how to care of their customized veneer.

Did you know…

That dental veneers are a conservative way of completely making over your smile? In fact, veneers are a go-to cosmetic procedure that has become popular with celebrities who want a brighter and more symmetrical smile. Miley Cyrus, Hilary Duff, and Ben Affleck are just some of Hollywood’s elite who have seen a cosmetic dentist for laminates. Fortunately, affordability and accessibility make it easy for anyone to get dental veneers – including patients.

Dental veneers may be right for you if you are looking for an alternative to crowns and caps. Veneers can help you if you have gaps between your teeth or teeth that are broken, chipped, irregularly shaped or misaligned. To find out more about whether dental veneers are right for you, contact a cosmetic dentist to schedule a consultation.

Before dental veneers can be placed on the teeth, the surface of the teeth must be prepared for bonding. After administering a local anesthetic, your dentist will buff away approximately half a millimeter from the surface of the teeth. You’ll then bite into a mold that will be used to form your veneers in a dental lab. When the veneers are ready, you’ll be asked to return to have them fitted, bonded and adjusted for shape and color.

There is no special care required for dental veneers, and normal brushing and flossing can be resumed immediately. Because veneers are usually placed over the course of two appointments, it is normal to experience some sensitivity between the first and second visit when the teeth have been reduced in preparation for bonding.


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